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You created a Facebook page for your business. Now what?

All the marketing experts were telling you the same thing. You need to be on social media. Finally, you made the connection and joined all other businesses that are attempting to be relevant with today’s consumers.

Do you sometimes struggle with the maintenance of your page and other social media tools?
Professionals and consumers alike are constantly bombarded with status updates from family, friends and other businesses. 

Most small business owners are responsible for their own updates and posts. They cannot afford to hire someone to be their social media expert. 

I recently had a conversation with someone in management. Their Facebook page had received very little attention in regards to managing the content. It had been months since their last update. Their business pictures were outdated. The entire page lacked appeal.

Out of the clear blue, the manager experienced his update frenzy. All of a sudden, in one day, his page was covered with random posts back to back to back. It was overwhelming. 

Unless someone is extremely interested in every detail of your business they are not going to read every post. You cannot blame them. They do not want to waste an afternoon scrolling through your updates even though you might have good information.

You need something more appealing, interesting and unique compared to other business Facebook pages. At least let your genuine personality shine through some of your updates.

It is one thing to have a Facebook page and effectively connect with your customers and potential clients, but if you do not know what to do with it you might as well shoot a target in the dark.

This can be very frustrating for consumers that are actually interested in your business as well as frustrating for yourself because it involves time away from running your business.

Do you sometimes struggle with what to do with your social media? As a business professional you are probably already aware that social media can be a great business tool.

I have put together a few helpful tips that might spark your creativity while making the process a little easier and more enjoyable for you. Managing your social media needs to become part of your routine but it will not require you to update your posts every single day. 

The idea is to become more strategic with social media as you learn what it can accomplish for your business. Social media is simply a tool. It is what you do with it that matters.

You created a Facebook page for your business. Now you must do something with it.

Tip #1: Instead of trying to come up with posts every single day only to burn out and abandon your efforts, set aside two days a week that you post really good content that is relevant to your business and consumers. Eventually you will start to see feedback and comments, which will create even more awareness for your business. 

No one wants to return to a blank Facebook page or a very busy page. Smaller amounts of good content are better than a page filled with pointless links.

Tip #2: Look at other pages from similar businesses. Gather ideas for what you can do to make your Facebook page better.

Tip #3: Be honest with yourself about what you have already put together. Look at it from a consumer point of view. Is this a page you would want to follow?

Tip #4: Who is your target audience and what can you do to reach them? Know your audience online just like you would for your business offline.

Tip #5: Everyone loves videos. If you have not started using video media somehow in your own social media promotions, you really need to find a way to do so.
People will watch a video much quicker than reading something if they are not familiar with your business.

Tip #6: If your content is not relevant – lose it. You want to generate interest which will help generate momentum for your business.
Instead of social media your content will be pointless media if it cannot generate interest.

Tip #7: Utilize some of your social media savvy employees. You might be surprised at the ideas they can offer. By getting other employees in the process, you will have a better chance of generating momentum with your social media. It will not hurt that your employees might want to share your updates with their Facebook friends simply because they had a part in the development.

Tip #8: Telling customers and friends about your Facebook page is an ongoing thing. It is not something you simply announce once you create it. Tell potential customers about your page and how to find you online.
We have become accustomed to everyone being connected online that we can assume a consumer will simply search for our company. That is a lazy approach to marketing and very risky. You have to work for these connections. Make it a part of your conversation to share your Facebook page.

And finally,
Tip #9: Say ‘thank you’ along the way throughout your updates. If it is important to say thank you in the virtual world it is even more important to show appreciation Online. Consumers can spend their time however they want. If they find you on Facebook and spend any amount of time on your page, that should mean something to you. A little appreciation also goes a long way.

How to effectively use social media in a strategic way is a relevant subject for all businesses. After all, anyone can have a Facebook page and be on all the social media sites. It is what you do with it that matters.

Contributed by Rebekah J. Fishel   

Google Contributor

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