Posted by : Amanda Stein Monday, October 15, 2012

Is your 9-5 work routine wearing you out? Do you want a more flexible schedule that will let you earn your keep while at the same time letting you pursue your passions? Perhaps, you’re career isn’t bound to the office cubicle. Why? Because you’re up to something farther than what the four corners of your office has to permit. Now is the best time to start up your own business. Here are some hot marketing ideas that you will find very precious for your startup business.

Know your niche market.

Perhaps, you have heard so many sad stories of small businesses folding up. One of the reasons why they fail is that they really don’t know what their niche market is. Because, when you know your niche market, you will find yourself sticking to one, clear goal that will help you build your business, get more clients, and maintain an organized cash flow. So, be specific with your goals. Focus on it and reflect on the demands of the consumers and you’ll surely see your business weathering the tough market.

Advertise locally.

Local advertising is in, so instead of conquering the entire country put more emphasis on building your business in the local market instead. Simply put, going local helps you focus more in establishing unique marketing efforts that will offer better and more relevant experience to your prospective clients. One tip is to open an account and get your business listed on Google Places or FourSquare. So, when searches for a product or service in your area, and if it appears that you have to offer, your establishment will appear on the results, complete with your business’ address, contact details, and other relevant information.

Go social.

Interact with your customers through social media. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites have become essential tools that any entrepreneur could never live without. Post something interesting to attract the attention of your prospective clients. Follow people and get followed in return. Ask questions and welcome queries and don’t forget to be quick to respond. This will nurture your relationship with people and in the long run, they will get hooked up to you.

Host events and give out referral rewards.

What makes your business more interesting aside from networking is the fact that people see you as a generous brand. Hosting events is one way of getting known, as well as getting the impression that you exist for a cause. So, if you have a store, host an event like bargain sales, fairs, contests and gatherings that will help people get to know your business better.

Print brochures, fliers and pamphlets.

Ten years ago, printing fliers and brochures was very expensive. But with the advent of modern printing, anyone can custom design and print his own high quality pamphlet at a more affordable cost. Print brochures and distribute them to your customers and prospects, especially if you have some hot deals, new arrivals, and events that you think they shouldn’t miss.

There you have my five simple yet hot marketing ideas that could significantly boost your sales. How about you? Do you have any unique and interesting marketing tips to share? Did you find them successful, too? Share your ideas now and help spread the good news for budding entrepreneurs.

About the author - This article is a contribution by Manilyn Moreno on behalf of Better Cater, a company aiming to help caterers and entrepreneurs manage their business through easy to use software for catering.

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