Posted by : Amanda Stein Thursday, September 27, 2012

Has anyone felt a serious frustration towards Facebook lately that makes you feel like your business page is worthless?

Well you may be correct! Here is a brief list of Facebook's recent stupid mistakes...

#1 - Limited Visibility on Posts

No one is receiving interaction on these pages anymore! A slim estimated 16% of those that like your page will ever get to see your posts.


You pay them money.

#2 - The end of Facebook Free Offers

The offer feature on Facebook was the best new gadget for business. As soon as the word got out about how wonderful they are, Facebook stopped their use.


You pay them money.

#3 - The ability to unsubscribe

People that have liked your page can unsubscribe to never see another post of your page again with the click of a button. Of course, you still have their like, but they are useless towards post interaction. 


You pay them money. 

What's the future look like?

The future of Facebook?....Why would businesses use a feature that is useless? They won't!

There was a time long ago when Facebook was the perfect online resource for small business because it allowed them to reach their customers for free. Making it perfect for any business with limited advertising resources. That time is no more. 

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