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Cloud applications are not new in the market. Their introduction in the market brought transformation to the whole world of information technology. The 'cloud' now is a common word that is used in the technology world. Cloud applications in simple words are software applications that can be accessed by different users via the internet. It is important to note that the word cloud at the moment is used to define a lot of things that are not what it is meant to be. Unlike other software that has to be installed in your computer these applications are used on the internet without having to go through the process of installation in your computer. There are many cloud applications is the market that are available for users.


Simplicity is one of the reasons why users go for cloud apps. Most cloud apps especially those end user oriented, are very simple applications and they provide quite  good user experience. Apps such as Evernote are easy and effective. That is why these apps are so widely spread and popular. They solve a rather big business issue (accessing your notes form any spot on earth, through any internet device) and they are quite simple to use and understand.

Sharing Made Easy

One of the popular features that have led to the growth of cloud applications is the ability to share information. For example the most popular applications that iPhone users have at the moment usually include CloudApp. This is a popular app for storage and retrieval of information such as images, links, music, videos and files , which is something that users mostly need whether they are students or at work.

Collaboration For Increased Efficiency

The other function that these applications do that is crucial is allowing collaboration. For example if you work in a company and you have a project that you are working on with different people having these cloud applications is vital. They will allow you to upload, work on and share the files efficiently. Cloud applications that will save you a lot of time and offer you these services include Joukuu and Hojoki. There are other applications like the iCloud that are specifically made for Apple users only but very popular also.

Expecting More & Better Cloud Apps in Future

The changes that these cloud applications have brought are huge. They have made sharing information on the internet easy and convenient for everyone who has a browser. For businesses the ability to share information has made decision making processes more efficient. Finding your favorite music and playing it is also fun. The future of these applications is immensely dependent on the consumer needs that will arise in the future. This is because these cloud applications are mainly designed with a specific client group in mind. Therefore, more applications will be designed in a quest to make it convenient for people to work on their computers. It is vital to note that consumer needs are dynamic and unpredictable therefore, the future of cloud applications is also not something that can be put in a box. The only thing that consumers have to celebrate is the fact that they will be designed to solve the problems we currently have. You can count on more and better cloud apps to be developed to meet our business and personal needs very fast.

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