Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If you are considering working as an online freelancer you have probably already considered whether or not you have the skills for the role you are interested in. However, technical ability is only one part of what makes a good freelancer. There are some very important personality traits that could make or break your freelance career.


The nature of freelancing requires you to juggle a number of different balls. Deadlines, projects, clients … all have their own differences and peculiarities.
If you’re the kind of person who gets flummoxed when you have more than one job to do at a time, you’ll find the life of a freelancer very difficult. It’s also important to be financially savvy so you can keep up on your invoicing, budgeting and those all-important taxes.


For many people one of the big draws of freelancing is the ability to set your own schedule and work as and when you please. However it’s also important to be flexible.
Should an important client require a rush job, it’s a good idea to be able to set aside some time that was intended for personal use to keep them happy. You may also find yourself being offered projects that are different to your normal offerings. You may be asked to write product descriptions for lunchroom tables one day and a white paper on credit card fraud the next. The ability to assess your own skills and offer a range of services to your clients, taking account of each individual case, is always important.

Setting Boundaries

While flexibility and catering to your clients is important, you also need to know when to say no. It’s all too easy for a freelancer to find himself getting overladen with work and client commitments. This can lead to shoddy work, missed deadlines and an out-of-whack work life balance.
Setting boundaries early on is the best way to avoid getting phone calls at 3am from a client who expects you to drop everything to help them.


Getting work as a freelancer requires you to sell yourself and your services. This task calls for a certain level of confidence that some people simply lack.
When you undervalue yourself, your clients are more likely to do the same, meaning you are not paid what you are worth. If you’re the kind of person who curls up into a ball and cries when you receive one rejection then you will find freelancing very difficult. You need to be able to get right back up every time you are knocked back.


To grow your business and expand your client list you need to offer services of value. You should have the drive and ambition to constantly work on your skills, whether they are in the marketing of your services, the development of new skills or the improvement of what you can currently do.

Post by guest blogger Carl, a writer who enjoys blogging about everything from working online to how they make lunchroom tables.

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