Posted by : Amanda Stein Saturday, September 8, 2012

Increase Your Revenue With Gift Cards has always delivered quality plastic and paper products to customers for many years now. It has been a leading online retailer of printed materials to suit anyone’s specifications and needs. Today, it delivers a very useful and enjoyable infographic about gift cards. It is a simple-to-read yet highly informative visual aid which can benefit many online retailers.
This handy infographic features many interesting facts and figures at a glance. It has an attractive yet uncluttered design, with a green-colored path that twists and turns. It offers many educational ins and outs of the gift card industry. Statistics culled from industry studies on the topic are mixed with more entertaining bits of trivia, resulting in a truly fun read. These nuggets of information can prove to be especially useful to business owners and entrepreneurs who have considered using gift cards to promote their business, but have not yet done so.

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