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The Wall Street Journal is the world-renowned daily periodical published by the Dow Jones Company.  Millions of business people view it as being the most important daily read for what is going on in the world of investment and finance. The WSJ was first printed over a hundred years ago and has not become regarded as the number one key guide for coverage on the current economic climate, currency markets, finance news – as well as important governmental matters.

Independent and Un-Biased News Coverage

The reporting and coverage contained in the paper has always been viewed as being independent, authoritative, as well as consistently offering well-balanced opinions.  But, despite that, considering that so much of this kind of knowledge is found online, can the Wall Street Journal and in particular, a WSJ Subscription still offer good value for money for those working in business today? Read on to learn more and to discover whether or not the Wall Street Journal continues to be an essential read for business people the world over.

Is a WSJ Subscription still good value for money? I personally think this is still the case, and here’s why: the Wall Street Journal has got in excess of one thousand correspondents all of whom write the content and are experts in their own fields. The WSJ has furthermore scooped more than thirty Pulitzer Prizes in the last few decades – and the WSJ competition cannot lay claim to similar figures.

WSJ Subscription – Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

Because of this the WSJ Subscription has become the most trusted and informative newspaper on the planet.  In addition to this it has a colossal web site containing useful business applications and guidance that can help anyone who wants to make better business decisions in the work place.

The Wall Street Journal has some very unique sections, all of which feature valuable tips and insight into the latest news. There is the Section 1 which covers the United States (including politics). After that inside Section Two you can find information about advertising, marketing and industry. The third section is made up with money matters - however this aspect is only offered on weekdays. If property and real estate investment is very important for you then you'll definitely like Section Four.  It also has careers and job guidance included. Throughout the week end you can find all the latest on TV, sport activity, new media, and travel. It’s got pretty much anything you would ever want.

Get Access to the Online WSJ Tools

The WSJ isn't just a paper though. There is also the incredibly valuable WSJ internet portal which includes a variety of resources and systems intended to help you get the most from your business life. If you are working within the stock market then you can access instant stock charts and numbers through the day.

It's also possible to subscribe to mail alerts, either regularly, or as they happen. This allows you to always be up to date with the latest stock trading figures direct - which mean you will always know what is happening in the industry of business and financing.

In my view the WSJ is always going to be a very valuable asset for companies and people who want to remain up-to-date with current events inside the financial and business sectors. Latest studies have shown that more than six out of ten CEOs in the country have already a Wall Street Journal Subscription with the majority of them being thrilled with the content inside. To make sure you do not miss out, be sure you sign up to the WSJ.

About the Author: Jim Polkie is a financial analyst and blogger.  Please click here for more information on the WSJ Subscription.

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