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A good and efficient slogan is a very important part of any advertising campaign. Slogans are used everywhere - on business cards, in ads, on sites, and in commercials on TV. Therefore, it is important to create a slogan that will provide maximum benefit to your business. Here are some tips for creating a slogan:

  • Highlight your target audience. Women and men need a different approach. If you are targeting a female audience, you should use such methods as emotions and feelings. If your audience is men, you should focus on logic and facts. Your slogan should be made to approach your target audience and be written exactly for it. 
  • Identify the key benefits of your product or service. Are you better than your competitors? Perhaps you have free delivery, low prices, or European quality. If so, then, it is necessary to focus on this. For example, "Natural Shampoo 'Green fields' - Freshness and Health." 
  • Determine the purpose of your slogan - attract customers, increase brand awareness, or make them visit the store. Depending on this, use different call-to-action words. If you are creating a slogan for your bike shop around the corner, you can use, for example: "If you want new wheels with 20% off - just around the corner". 
  • Use concrete facts, figures, and statistics. They cause more confidence than a simple statement "We are the best." For example, “10 Years of Leading”. 
  • Do not make the slogan twisted and convoluted. Slogans should be simple and memorable. it is a good option to make a slogan that can be used in everyday life. For example, 'Just do it'. Slogans should be short and clear. 
  • Slogans should be directly associated with your product and business. It is not necessary to make beautiful but rambling slogans. For example, the first slogan of Coca-Cola "Drink Coca-–°ola" calls you to action and it is directly associated with the product. 
  • Your slogan should create images and atmosphere, and make certain associations. For example, for a home cooking restaurant, the slogan should create an atmosphere of comfort: "Good as at grandmother's house." 
  • Use emotional and ambiguous phrases. Don't be afraid to be a little vulgar (of course, if appropriate to your business). 
  • Make your slogans lively. Refer to the customer as a friend, show that you understand his/her problems and that you want to help him/her. In this case, it is good to use rhetorical questions - they establish a relationship with the client. "Husband cheating on you? We will help you win all his property in court!". 
  • Don't use formulaic and banal advertising phrases. They do not produce a response. Try to be creative. 
  • Don't be afraid of aggressive and flashy slogans. If you can put pressure on the sore callus and cause a reaction - do it. Refer to the feelings. The purpose of a slogan is to show that exactly you know how to solve a customer's problem. "You have a 'rat' in the company? We will show you who it is." 
  • Create an intrigue in your slogan. Make a person think about it. “Want to make a million? Find out how!”. 
  • Use thematic but at the same time simple words that characterize your business. Do not forget that your potential customer is not an expert and you should explain to him/her what he/she would receive if he/she uses your product/service. "Buy one pair - get a second pair for free!". 

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