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Ski Resort Industry Solutions

Ski resorts issue different kinds of passes to cater to different groups of people, including guests, members and visitors. The resorts generally issue paper lift tickets to visitors to help them access mountain tops. However, these tickets are not enough for frequent riders or season pass holders.

Visual Verification

Such customers require quality photo ID cards, which are not only more professional-looking but also provide extra benefits. While the skiers will definitely be proud to display their IDs, they cannot share them with others.

Besides using photos of the season pass holders, ski resorts can also include different techniques to enhance security while simplifying the verification process. With modern printers, they can easily make different ski ID card designs to differentiate different types of people. For example, they may include color coding systems to differentiate different types of passes. This may be as simple as using a different background color for a given type of pass. To make premium passes stand out and have more value, the ski resorts can use a completely different look.

Color coding makes it easy to distinguish between different groups of people, be they members of staff, standard pass holders or premium pass holders. The visual differentiation will also give pass holders status symbols.

Many photo ID programs allow users to incorporate their unique card designs and determine where they place text and images. Creating a professional design and printing the passes using a high quality ID card printer will help in establishing a brand and enhancing guest loyalty.

The right ID card printer will print the snowboard and ski passes on quality plastic cards so they can withstand the rigors riders will experience on the slopes. This is even more important considering that ski resorts usually require the guests to display the passes at all times.

RFID Technology

Ski resorts can incorporate radio frequency identification technology in their passes to provide hands-free ticketing. This does away with the need to display the ID cards throughout. Riders can keep their ID cards in their pockets and pass through gates as scanners read their information, which helps to speed up the lift lines significantly.

Skiers may use their RFID-enabled passes to gain access to different resort amenities and even as keys to their guestrooms.


In addition to printing passes for their guests, ski resorts will also print durable ID cards for their employees. They can use the techniques already described to differentiate the members of staff based on their departments.

All types of ski resort passes must be designed professionally to convey the right message and build the desired brand. Ski resorts can use their own ID card printers to design passes that both staff and clients will be proud to wear even around town, which will attract more riders.

Image by Rennett Stowe and licensed through Creative Commons.

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