Posted by : Amanda Stein Monday, September 17, 2012

Men and women sure do have their differences. They look different, act different and work different. When it comes to working, men and women have different goals and expectations, and these differences give both genders a very different outlook on their careers. In fact, these differences are actually what make women happier at work than their male counterparts.

Women are less pressured.

Even though women have been working side by side with men for many years, there is still a stigma about working women that devalues them next to their male counterparts. For this reason, most women don’t feel as much pressure to complete certain tasks, achieve certain goals or earn a certain reputation. Though there are many women out there with the drive to succeed, some women are happier at work because they’re less pressured to act a certain way or earn a certain achievement, making work less stressful and more enjoyable for them.

They’re doing something they love.

Women tend to be more choosy when it comes to picking a career and deciding which company to work for. For this reason, women tend to choose jobs that involve doing something they love, making their job more like a fun and eventful hobby instead of a requirement. Men on the other hand typically choose jobs that will give them the best title or the most money, and most end up hating their job because it’s not something that they love doing.

They build better relationships.

Women make better relationships with other people than men. Men prefer to work more independently and don’t really care to dig into the personal lives of their coworkers. Women, on the other hand, tend to build strong bonds with the people they work with on a daily basis. These relationships can often blossom into full-fledged friendships. When women think of their coworkers as friends, they don’t think of work as work, which can make them happier to go there.

They’re using it as an escape.

Throughout history, women have been responsible for taking care of their family. They raise children, help their kids get ready for school, do the laundry, make dinner and perform other household tasks. But today, the high price of everyday items force women to work full time jobs while also remaining responsible for their family. Getting kids ready for school, cleaning the house, cooking dinner and driving to and from practices and school can be exhausting, and many women think of work as a private retreat for them to get away and enjoy some silence.

They feel a sense of satisfaction.

Years ago, women were supposed to stay home and let their husband earn all the money. Some women didn’t feel as if they contributed enough to the family, and some were placed on the financial decisions of their husbands and given an allowance for groceries and other personal uses. Today, some women are happier at work because they are earning a living and supporting their family all on their own. They can put food on the table for their family and keep a roof over their head, and they can easily spoil and pamper themselves if they desire. Not having to live off of their husband is enough of a reason to keep women happy at work.

Women and men treat work differently and expect different things out of their career. It’s these differences that make women happier at work than men.

David Smith writes with the guidance of Engagement Health a company dedicated to improving employee wellness.

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