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There are many reasons why someone might want to write an ebook. They may have written a novel that received rejections from traditional publishers, have a particular type of information or message they want to share, or simply think that writing ebooks could be a good way to earn some cash.
If you are wondering whether you could publish a successful ebook, read on.

What are Your Goals?

Whether or not your ebook is likely to achieve success depends very much on what you as an individual would consider a worthwhile outcome. It's unlikely your first ebook will achieve breakout success and mean the end to your working days; however, if you simply want to get your work out there or begin generating a side income, then you are much more likely to be happy with the results.
For many ebook writers success comes from developing an expansive catalog of works and a growing repeat readership. Some people are even happy knowing just one person has read and enjoyed their book, or found their advice helpful.

What can You Offer?

For fiction ebooks this is generally an easy question to answer – you are offering a new story to entertain readers. However non-fiction can also be an area in which many people have something to offer.

Have you spent years working on cars? If so you could write a guide to working with Mustang parts and accessories like Mustang carburetors. Does everyone rave over your baking? Why not write a recipe ebook?

With non-fiction, however, it is important to distinguish yourself from other offerings. This special hook can vary. Perhaps you go into more detail than other options or maybe you make things easy and simple. You might have particular insight due to your experience or have a talent for writing about factual information in an easy way.

You can even stand out simply by bringing information together in one place so your readers don't have to delve through pages and pages of Google results to find what they need.

The Process of Writing

If you have not written much before then the process of writing an ebook can seem daunting. However, simply writing a page a day will get you a first draft in no time at all.

When self-publishing an ebook your work can be as long or as short as necessary – it's up to you. Once you have your first draft, don't publish it right away. It is time to edit your work, revising your presentation, structure and grammar so your book is as good as can be.

It can be helpful to have someone else look over it as when you are familiar with a subject you might think something needs no explanation when it is less obvious to others. Finally, publication and selling requires little more than setting up an account with Amazon or another retailer and following the instructions.

CJ contributed this guest post. Passionate about technology, he likes writing about everything from finding Mustang parts and accessories online to e-publishing.

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