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If you're a first-time shopper in the area of home security, you surely have a lot of choices ahead of you. What system should you get? Is wired or wireless better? Which company should you go with? And if trying to make these decisions wasn't difficult enough, you may have heard misleading information from a web site or perhaps even from someone you know.

There are actually quite a few misconceptions surrounding home security systems. And being aware of them can help you avoid making a misinformed decision about how you want your home to be protected, and at what cost.

The 'Fort Knox' Myth and Home Security Inspections

Those who are getting a home security system for the first time think that the only good system is one that has an alarm in every nook and cranny. But the truth is that having a secure home doesn't necessarily mean transforming it into a fortress.

In fact, this is something you will discover should you opt for a home security inspection. These types of inspections are inexpensive and fast, and will tell you a lot about just how much security your home needs. A home security inspection will reveal:
  • Whether your home could be safer than it is currently;
  • Whether there's anything simple you can do to increase your home's security;
  • Other information that can help you make an informed decision about whether a home security system is right for your home.
DIY or Professional?

You can conduct your own home inspection. And there are many online resources available for you to do this. Going online can yield many a checklist which covers the trimming of bushes around your property and the putting out of sight of any expensive items like boats and four-wheelers.
But the truth is that doing your own home inspection will simply not offer you the expertise of a professional. With an uninvolved expert, your home can be looked at completely objectively, something that you may find difficult to do.

An alternative may be to call your local police department to see if they perform home inspections. Many do, and at no cost in the name of public service.

System Costs

Many homeowners are of the opinion that having a home alarm system is going to cost them a lot of money. But experts warn that compromising security in order to save money is not the way to go. Still, there are homeowners who believe that they don't need someone who has been registered as an installer to hook up their system.

But your home security system is your early warning that someone is trying to enter your property. As such, it deserves professional installation.

The same goes for monitoring. Some homeowners, believing having security is expensive, may be the same who believe that it's the monitoring of a property which costs a lot of money. But really, the true cost of professional monitoring amounts to only a few dollars per day. Without professional monitoring, your system will only make noise, which may not be enough to deter an intruder. When your home is being monitored, any sounding of your alarm will alert your monitoring company, who will then dispatch help.

The Neighborly Defense

Interestingly, along with the perceived high costs of alarm systems is how those systems are viewed by the neighbors. Some homeowners worry that their neighbors will become annoyed with them as the result of alarms going off at all hours of the night.

But what they may not realize is how appreciative their neighbors will be that they have chosen to install an alarm system. And not only that, but neighbors who are in a positive relationship will be more likely to be willing to keep an eye on the properties in the neighborhood, which can mean even more security for your home.

Set It and Forget it

Another myth is that once a home security system is installed, nothing else is needed. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Any additions you add to your home, including an extra room or an extra leisure vehicle may require a revisit by your security professional to ensure everything is still adequately protected.

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