Posted by : Amanda Stein Monday, September 10, 2012

More and more companies are choosing to use business training software to carry out induction and post-induction training for new staff, to educate employees in OH&S standards, and to provide ongoing training in changing markets. However, due to the popularity of business training software, the market is currently flooded with companies offering their services, and it can be difficult to find the best solution for your company. Before taking the plunge and choosing a company to work with, take a step back and ensure that you’ve considered and researched your decision, to ensure that you find a solution that works for your company. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself before deciding on a business training solution:

What industry are you in?

Some software solution businesses offer industry-specific training courses, some only provide general solutions. Some are dedicated to certain industries; in particular the hospitality, mining and financial sectors will have hundreds of solutions to choose from. Though it seems simple to define your industry, it may not be so when searching through hundreds of software solutions. Ensure you speak to someone within the company offering the software solutions about your industry, and see what they offer for you specifically – it’s best to go as specific as you can to ensure that the training process is streamlined.

Who will be using the software?

Though a majority of people are now connected to the internet and are at least a little computer-literate, your employees and fellow staff members will all have varying levels of computer and internet knowledge. Ensure that you purchase a software solution that will be easy for everyone within your business to use, and try out the software in full before purchasing it. For example, if you are in the IT industry, it would be safe to assume that your employees will be tech-savvy, so you can purchase a more complex program. However, for those within the mining or hospitality sectors for example, staff may be less up to date with what is going on in the tech-world, so make sure your programs are accessible for a wide range of users.

Do you require customisation?

There are so many different types of training solutions out there; from induction training, to job-specific training, to occupational health and safety, and even exit interview software. Some software will be primarily unchangeable from employee to employee, and as the business progresses – in particular, OH & S usually remains the same, as do company guidelines and contracts. However, many training processes will be tweaked and updated over time. Ensure that you develop a relationship with a software solutions company who are happy to provide customisation services over time.

These are three of the most basic questions to consider when searching for the best online training solutions for your business. It is important to also consider the usefulness of each product, the length of time you want staff to spend on each one, the learning style of your staff, and business-specific options. The bottom line is: do your research. Make sure you’re ticking boxes across the board in terms of what you require for your perfect training solution, and build up a good relationship with the company you’re acquiring it from. Good luck!

Chloe works on behalf of INX Cube Consulting, who offer online training solutions in the mining, engineering, IT, geology, and environmental sectors, plus a huge number of other services.

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