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Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing whereby you as the affiliate will market or promote products or services and receive rewards either for leads or customer purchases depending on the affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative methods for making money online and there are a wide variety of programs available to sign up instantly and get started.

Prior to becoming an affiliate my primary method for making money online was through advertising programs. Whilst a good investment of time online advertising was not allowing me to earn the income I wanted to reach online and I searched for alternatives to grow my online business.

There are a wide variety of popular affiliate marketing programs on the Internet including online stores that sell just about everything you can think of and adding links, banners and product images is easy through the affiliate dashboard interface. You are rewarded based on conversions and although it relatively easy to get clicks leading to products conversions can be difficult if you are a newcomer to affiliate marketing.

Other large affiliate programs may have a wide variety of customers allowing you to sign up for multiple businesses but still manage your affiliates through one dashboard. Depending on the content or subject of your website some businesses require an approval process first although there are a large number of affiliates with instant approval so you can get started right away promoting products.

Affiliate marketing can be a difficult venture and you will be challenged on your successes and at times consider giving up. The rewards for success are great and if you continue to proceed you can comfortably sustain an additional income to your household although experienced affiliates are able to sustain a full time income through affiliate marketing programs.

Web hosting affiliates has proven to be one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs on the Internet and they often pay the highest commissions of rates such as $50 for a new customer sign up. This high rate was surprising but definitely encouraging in my pursuit to become an Internet affiliate business. The advantage of joining web hosting affiliate programs is that there is always going to be a need for web hosting. Think about how many people are starting websites every day all of which require web hosting to appear on the web. By offering web hosting through an affiliate program you can satisfy a growing need and establish your affiliate marketing business.

If you are just starting out as an affiliate research different programs and commissions to see which suit your needs. Read reviews from other affiliates who will be able to guide you through their success stories but will also share pitfalls and programs that may be scams or not very lucrative for time and money invested. Those most successful usually use a combination of article marketing and paid advertising to increase their affiliate commissions. Hosting your own website writing your own articles and reviewing products with affiliate links is one of the easiest ways to get started. As you become more confident as an affiliate you may consider paid search advertising to increase your click through rate and allow you to create more conversions through your article marketing.

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