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Pinterest is becoming an internet phenomenon. If you aren’t familiar with the site yet, check it out at The site basically lets users share images, in different categories, that they have “pinned” from all over the web. Some of them are even custom images that are uploaded and photo edited to try to get them additional attention. This is a great place for small business to get the word out and take advantage to increase income.

1. Set Up Shop

While Pinterest doesn’t actually work as an e-shop, you can set up items with price tags that are linked to your actual website. Users can search by price point to find items, and with a little creativity you can catch their interest and they may even re-pin (share the item with their friends) on their wall.

2. Create a Home for your Shop

You can also create a board specifically for your shop. For small businesses this can be a great way to get images of your service or products up and out into the world. You can also add the emotional side of your business by capturing the style, colors, and inspiration of your brand here.

3. Let there be “Pin Its”

People share interesting sites and images on Pinterest by using custom widgets built into websites called “Pin It” buttons. Ensure that your site has that button in an easily recognizable area on your site and encourage your customers to click it if they like what you do.

4. Learn About Your Audience

Like most social networking sites, which Pinterest could be considered, users can follow each other as much as they like. Take advantage of this and follow those that have shopped with you, or visited your company board. See what they pin and what interests they have and try to custom tailor your shop to meet the needs and desires of your target clients or audience.

5. Images are King

Take advantage of images on your website. Pinterest only allows users to share pages that have images on them and they need to be a minimum size of 110 x 110 pixels. Make sure you have plenty of images on every page on your website to ensure that people have a reason, and the ability, to share your page, products or services.

6. Run Competitions

Get creative with your followers and clients. Images are a great way to make puzzles for example. You may want to take one larger picture, break it up into five smaller but even images and hide them through your Facebook page, put one in a link on Twitter, put a few around your website and one on your Pinterest board. Throw out discounts or free prizes to the first few people that complete that puzzle. Even if you give out a few hundred dollars, the amount of buzz and sharing of your products that this generates will more than make up for it and can be the cheapest advertising you can find.

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