Posted by : Amanda Stein Monday, September 10, 2012

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were tools out there that allowed you to see what your competition was doing as an online marketing strategy? Guess what? There are!

Having an online presence today means that you need to be competitive, and there are tools out there that allow you to gather competitive intelligence in order to give yourself a more even contest with your competition.

Whether you want to know what keywords your competition is using or where their traffic is coming from, the following five tools will help you gain better competitive intelligence.

1. SpyFu

SpyFu allows you to learn which keywords and AdWords your competition is using. It’s very simple to use too, making it that much more appealing. All you have to do is enter the URL of your competition, and you’ll see immediate results. These results will include the daily AdWords budget, the average ad position and number of advertisers, the daily organic SEO traffic value and the paid vs. organic clicks per day. You can also see the ten best paid keywords being used, the paid keywords and the top ad competitors.

2. Google Trends for Websites

Google Trends for Websites can help you find out traffic information for your competition as well as learning the geographic location of where the traffic is coming from. By simply entering in the website URL, you will see a graph that will show the daily unique visitors. You can also compare analytics from up to five different websites, so you can compare your site with four of your best competitors.

3. Marketing Grader

Hubspot has a Marketing Grader tool that allows you to learn about the overall success of your competition’s SEO. With this tool, you can learn website traffic patterns and SEO data. You can also see which tactics are working and which aren’t, and you can also learn if conversions are being made. This tool will score you out of 100, and it will even provide you with suggestions on how you can improve your SEO.

4. Social Mention

If you or your competition have a social media presence, it’s important that you use Social Mention. This tool will give you real-time analytics via email every day, and you can set it up so that you’re getting insight on your tactics as well as your competitions. Simply create an alert, and Social Mention will scour the Internet and make you aware of any new mentions.

5. Google Alerts

Google Alerts works the same way as Social Mention. You enter in certain words you want to track, including your company name, the name of your competitors, your CEO, etc., and Google Alerts will send you an email either in real-time, daily or weekly, depending on your preference. If you set it up to have it sent in real time, you can be clued in to the happenings of your competition instantaneously.
Having an online presence is important, and if you want to be competitive, you need to use these five tools for the best competitive intelligence information.

Jacob Smith is a reviews tracker and online reputation manager.  He often writes advice about online review tracking and competition analysis.

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