Posted by : Amanda Stein Friday, September 7, 2012

Does it feel like you are stuck in life? Do you feel as if you are trying to walk through molasses? Maybe it feels as if nothing is moving forward but you want tremendously to make a difference and live a more powerful life.

There are many ways that you can feel more balanced and make your dreams come true. Sometimes we work towards our dreams and goals in life, but when they don't come true as fast as we want, we may become frustrated. There is a balance to living a good life, and it starts with doing things that nurture your soul. You can live a powerful life beyond your wildest dreams. Here are tips to help you live a more powerful and meaningful life.

Put Yourself First

In life, especially if we have a family and children, we take care of everyone else at the sacrifice of our own self. We avoid listening to our inner voice in an effort to be there for others. If this happens to you, it is time to put yourself first. You can listen to your inner voice and be true to you.  Start each morning with a warm cup of tea, or gentle movement. Maybe say a little prayer or meditation. And be thankful for your health and celebrate the good things in your life. This is a smart way to wake up because it sets the tone for your entire day.

Dream Big

When we are younger the world is our playground. But we grow up and lose sight of our dreams. All of a sudden, as an adult, play is a thing of the past. Make time to play with your dreams and have fun thinking. Dreams are our imagination at work. Allow yourself to explore and have fun. The bigger your dreams are, the more excited you will feel.

Be of Service

When you ask not "what I can get," but "what can I give," your world will transform. The more you extend yourself to help others the easier your own personal life will become. Sometimes in life we feel stressed out and overwhelmed and when we do this we get out of alignment with our own feelings. Touching back in with yourself will help you feel better and when you help others in this process you will feel even more fulfilled. You don't have to give money or over extended yourself to help another person if it feels forced. Sometimes just showing up and being there for your family, is of the highest service. Help your children brush their teeth in the morning; spend time with them getting ready and showing that you care about their health.

For more information on how to be healthy and happy, visit TenderCare Dental a dentist in Beaverton Oregon. Shannon Kaiser writes for the health community of Oregon.

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