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Facebook got smart...
I have to admit that I'm not a real big fan of Google+ anymore. Post after post of information that goes by so fast that I barely get through a few words before there's a whole new line of advertising posts. I have to admit that I commend Facebook on the new way that they are presenting posts to their users.

The change...
Okay, so things haven't changed all that much right? Well..yes and no. Many page owners are heated by the new statistics. AllFacebook states a 17% visibility on posts by pages. What page owners need to understand is that this isn't all bad news. There are ways to increase this percentage.

The reason...
Some really smart kid at Facebook must have sat down one day and came up with a solution to siphon out the junk. Eureka! If nobody likes or comments on the post - it has to be junk, right? Yep, so those smart little cookies at Facebook have found a way to give your post a test drive. If that small percentage of 17% doesn't find your post to be anything worth liking or commenting on, changes are that the remainder of your likers won't either!

The good...
As a page owner, you have to understand how this policy actually helps your business. Do you remember when MySpace became slammed with ads? People stopped visiting. The same would be true with Facebook if they allowed every person to see your post.

How to make your post stand out...
Getting more likes and comments increase the amount of times that your post will be seen. They don't call them "Top Stories" for nothing.

You are supposed to use Facebook to network. If you've learned to use it right, you'll be glad to know that you have created the perfect atmosphere for your posts to thrive. Do you have people to comment and like your posts? Other page owners, perhaps you like and they like in return?

Oh and always be sure to create posts that contain quality information!

Share, share... 
If you don't get out there and share your page. Get to know the other page owners and share your support on their posts so that their post has a chance to sparkle.

Written By: Amanda Stein from Indiesilver Marketing Concepts

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