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With today's easy access of information, you need to make yourself aware of your business's position in online searches. There are two important aspects that a business owner will want to take into account. Can their business be found? What are their business's reviews? 

Having a poor review can be a deciding factor for a potential customer. No one wants to eat at a place that has poor service or shop at a store that has poor quality products. Having a poor review can turn out haunting you. 

As a smart business owner, I am sure that these thoughts have crossed your mind. What do you do with a disgruntled customer? 

Below I've compiled a list of five websites that list businesses and allow users to leave reviews. If you find that your business isn't included on any of these sites, it's free to list. If you've never taken a look at the reviews you have on these sites, you might be surprised about what your customers have to say:

#1 - Citysearch

There's no denying that Citysearch has a pretty good mobile app. They currently have a five star ranking on the App Store with over 350 reviews. To say the least, these are pretty impressive numbers. Users are allowed to rate the places that they are visiting from their mobile phone and leave reviews in 140 characters or less. 

What about their website? After taking some time today using Citysearch, I am also very impressed with the ease of use and colorful layout. It is clear to me why Citysearch's users like this website so much. 

#2 - Yelp

I'm sure that if you have been reading any of my previous post, you have already heard me mention Yelp. If you have an iPhone with the Siri feature, there has been some point you have asked Siri to look up something for you. When you ask Siri to look up something for you, Siri will be using Yelp. 

Yelp has to be one of the most important places where your business should be listed. You need to look into your reviews from time-to-time just to make sure that you don't need start working on some damage control. 

Yelp is free to join and has over 22 million reviews that have been written by their users and with unique site visit numbers of over 61 million per quarter, Yelp's not a place you want to forget to list.  

#3 - Google Places

It goes without saying, Google's creation of Google Places has made searching for business on Google much easier. At the current time there have been over 5 million reviews written on businesses, so take the time to get your business listed. Signing up is free.

#4 - Angie's List

The way the Angie's List works is a little different than the other sites on this list. Businesses never pay for listings and businesses with a rating over a B are allowed to advertise on the site. Consumers are the ones that pay to use this site. Sound kinda strange? Consumers want to know they have chosen the right business. They user previous reviews to find businesses with an excellent track record.  

The types of businesses that are allowed to list are limited, but the idea of Angie's List is absolutely wonderful. Angie's List currently has over 2 million users and these numbers are expected to continue to increase. 

#5 - Yahoo! Local

So you have a business and you want to get your name out online. Invest your time listing your business through Yahoo! Local. Why? Even with all of the reports of Yahoo!'s certain demise, it is still very much in use. The standard search engine used in iOS (including mobile) is Yahoo!. 

Yahoo! has over 18 million registered users with over 56 million reviews that have been written. As a note though I would like to point out, businesses labeled as online only businesses are not eligible for listings. 

#6 - TripAdvisor

For Trip Advisor you will only be allowed to list your business through this site if you business category is in hospitality. I myself have spent over eight years working in hospitality marketing. TripAdvisor has been around for every one of those eight years and it's importance to potential travelers has never wavered. 

Eight years may not seem like a long time, but in terms of the internet, it is a very, very long time. What I like about TripAdvisor nowadays is that they are more diligent in reaching out to make sure their business listings are correct and they have a dedicated support team to help get you set up.

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Written by Amanda Stein, Owner of Indiesilver Marketing

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