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QR codes (Quick Response Codes) were first designed for the automotive industry to track automobiles during shipment. More recently they have become more popular to advertisers due to QR code's ability to be read quickly while packing a lot more information than an ordinary barcode.

How to Scan the Code
QR Codes are scanned by a smartphones using 3rd party apps and, in some cases, preinstalled software. Windows phones are able to scan codes through the Bing Search app, for Blackberry devices the App World will scan and load the code to the web browser, for Apple there are available third party applications in the Apple store, Android just look for a third party app is Google's Play and even in Symbian there is a preinstalled application - when you pass your camera over the QR Code you will automatically be directed to a webpage.

You are welcome to use any of the codes that are listed on this site to open a page. Basically when you use the code on your advertising, your customer can pull out their phone, scan and be directed exactly to the webpage that you want them to.

How to Use It on Your Advertising
This is a perfect opportunity to take your marketing materials to a new level. If you are a business that has a front desk or welcome area, place a flyer with your social networking sites. Customers are much more likely to follow you if you make it easy for them. Take a moment to look at the example below:

How to Make Your Code
There are a number of websites where you can create your code. Here is one of my favorites:

QR Codes are not an alternative that you want to use in every piece of advertising, but for websites that you use that have longer URLs QR Codes are a perfect solution.

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