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A Facebook for your business can be a great way for your business to connect with customers, gain business and network.

To start you need to make sure that you have a Facebook page for yourself. If you don't sign up for one at

Once you have that completed, sign into your Facebook and go to the following link:

Step 1 - Select the one that is right for your business. If you are a small business I recommend using the 'Local Business or Place'. This will allow users to search for you based on location in Facebook and if Facebook finishes it's future plans of creating a search engine, it will add you to their local search.

Step 2 - The images are set up for an organization. 

Sole Proprietors which is a joint project that Joe Soltis and I have been working on is a place where sole proprietors can come together to share information, ask questions and gain support. If you are a sole proprietor and would like to join, visit:

The steps are still the same. In this step you will fill in the name of your business and select the box next to "I agree to Facebook Pages Terms"

Step 3 -  The next screen will guide you through choosing a Profile Picture and give you the opportunity to write a description about your business. The last choice that you see in this image "Facebook Web Address" will be available to you once you have 35 likes on your page. It allows you to designate the URL for your website (I will get into that in a later post). If you don't have a Facebook page when you start, that's okay. You can always change those settings. 

Answer all of the boxes as thoroughly as possible. The more information the better!

Now you have set up your page!!

To access your page from your Facebook at login. Click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner of your screen next to "Home". There will be a pop down with your page.

Tomorrow I will be posting information on how to make changes on your Facebook page. Followed later by how to best post and connect and use your Facebook to it's fullest potential.

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