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Your website is supposed to portray who you are while captivating your customers enough to get them to stay to read the words that you write. When you've mastered this you have created a website that works!

Here's 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

Decrease Your Bounce Rate
Have you taken the time to take note of your website's bounce rate? Your bounce rate determines the percentage of times that your website is opened only to have someone click right back off of it. A bounce rate that is too high can indicate that your tags and keywords are not assisting the search engines in putting website under the right searches. As a small business website owner aim your bounce rate to always be below at least 65%. Most people will advice you to be below 35% and this is correct, but starting out it is important to aim your sights at an easier target as you learn the skills you need.

Make your Website Visual
You have 15 seconds... Yep, that's the amount of time you have to keep your customers on your site. 15 seconds to make your customers interested. Use visual aids! Images, graphs and graphics are a great way to draw people into reading your content while keeping them interested.

Don't Clutter Your Page
Anyone remember the Google+ images that floated around about Whitespace? Google is a mastermind at understanding websites and people. I see a great deal of websites I can't stand for one reason - clutter! No one likes to navigate through your cluttered website to find the information that they are looking for. Keep it simple. Create space. I know you want to fill your pages with a wealth of information about you, about your business and what you have, but that information is for your blog and your social networking sites. Keep your website simple.

Have a Blog
Little known fact...having a blog effects your website ranking. Having a blog linked from your website increases your chances that you will be found online, not only for the 'points' it gives your website with  search engines, but also because of the wealth of keywords it provides you with. I love blogs and so do customers. Blogs are a great way for a customer to find out about you. Write interesting content, tell your customers about your business and what you are passionate about.

Make Things Move
People love to make things work and move. Give your website that extra flair. Have a few spots on your website that have hidden pictures that 'pop' when you scroll over them, add a gallery as a flash player on your site and allow a couple of your images to change as a person stays on the page of your website. People like movement. This is a great way to keep people on your site which in turn will decrease your bounce rate. I've provided all three of these examples on my website if you would like to take a look:

Websites are about you and making your business and your business's character shine. Take the opportunity to share your dream and passion with your customers by making a website tailored to their wants and needs.

Have an idea of your own and would like to share? Leave your idea below!

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