Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I see time and time again where businesses make the complaint that Facebook isn't working for them. This is the case with a lot of businesses that are on Facebook because their approach to social networking is completely wrong.

Erase everything that you do and know up until this point and let's start over!

#1 - Stop Advertising!
People are sick of hearing you advertise to them! At a certain point your page will remind them of the junk mail that gets thrown in the trash as soon as it gets pulled out of the mailbox. The fastest way to find yourself on the list of the 'unliked or removed from a person's news feed' is to bombard them with a bunch of advertising. "50 % off this", "Go Here Now", "Free Stuff If You..."; enough already! That's not to say that if you have a special offer, coupon or promotion you shouldn't post it, just limit yourself to at the very most one promotion a month.

#2 - Stop Posting So Much!
Get a hold of yourself! No more than one post and one share a day! "Do you have any idea how annoying it is to not be able to see what my friends are doing because you've decided to post 10 posts in a row?" - This is exactly what your customers wish they could tell you and that's were your posts become automatic 'no-longer-in-the-news-feed.'

#3 - Stop Competing!
If you want to increase your exposure online you need to embrace your competitors. Why? That's good business! You never know what you can learn or when one of them will contact you for outsourcing. Welcome other businesses and help each other grow - we all grow stronger this way!

#4 - Stop Thinking That Facebook is All About You
If you don't take the time to support other business's and page's posts, how can you expect them to care about yours? Take the time to interact with other people. Like and comment on the posts for the businesses that you follow. Your kindness will be returned to you and people will see what a great person you and your company are.

#5 - Stop Posting Your Link on Other Business Pages
It's one thing to respond to someone's post where they have asked you in that post to tell them about your business. That's understandable, but never, never, never go onto another business's page and leave a comment with a link to your page. If you want people to know what business you are leave the comment from your business page - without the link!

Facebook is a public view of your business and it's character. It's the place where you can let people see your outstanding character, passion for you business and kindness towards others! This will show through everything you post. People will be attracted to who you are and want to take the time to interact and do business with you. Facebook isn't about advertising! It is about building a stronger relationship with other businesses, current customers and potential customers.

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