Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So it's time for you to take a look into your advertising and marketing materials:

Does it attract attention?

Put your brochure among 20 other brochures. Does your brochure stand out? If you are unable to keep your eyes away from your own, ask someone else to pick one at random. This will give you a concept of how quickly your information will be found on a brochure rack. A person's attention will immediately be drawn to something that doesn't blend in with the background so take your time when you choose the layout for your marketing materials. Always compare!

Does it answer questions that an unfamiliar customer needs to know?
Find someone who has no idea what you do. What do you have to say for them to understand what your business is? That is exactly what you need to include on your marketing materials. Don't waste your time and energy on extra wording that you do not need to use.

It is easy to understand?
Are you speaking in terms that your customers will understand? It's great to show how knowledgeable you are through long words and flourishing verbiage, but is this something that your customer will understand? Be sure that you target your wording towards your customers.

Does it create trust? 
How professional and trustworthy does your advertising look? Would you trust someone to work on your car if the sign for their establishment is written on a cardboard box with crayon? I hope not! Truth be told that the design that you use needs to look professional and well designed!

What outcome are you expecting?
What are your hopes for your advertisements? Don't forget to take this into account when you create your advertisement. Target your advertisement for the people that you want to attract and distribute in the areas that they would visit. Ask your current customers how they heard of you and why they where attracted to your business. 

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