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As a small business, there has been a strong push in the world of marketing to build a blog. Why? With the restructure of Google's algorithm, people are busy trying to make the most of the reasources around them.

Have you been using search engines to search for information pertaining to your business lately? Have you nocticed any changes?

If you spend time searching online you will notice that blogs are quit often on the first page of search engine results - they are being given as much credit as the best made websites.

The following page is a great resource for information on the ever changing Google search engine tweeks and changes:

So where how do you start blogging?
There are several different sites that you can use.


This is Google's very own blogging site. With a variety of templates, the ability to be paid for ads, statistics and a wide array of additional features; Blogger makes it easy to start your blog and make it look professional. The main advantage of Blogger is it's ease-of-use for a beginner. If this is your first time blogging for your business, this is the one I would recommend.


WordPress also offers a wide array of additional features. Over 100 different free templates and statistics, make it a top choice for bloggers. The interface is a little confusing at first and can feel overwhelming to a new beginner, but the outcome is a great looking blog with a great variety of features.


Tumblr. is a little different than the two blogs above; basically because of it's more modern layout and Tumblr. does a great job of connecting you with other Tumblr. members by showing you a feed of new blog posts. It is week on the statistics side and depending on the type of business you have, it is not exactly ideal for business. It would be great for a business like a tattoo shop that has the ability to take a lot of pictures that could be shared with the Tumblr. community.

The following site has more detailed descriptions of some of the top blogging platforms. I would recommend visiting this site if you have more questions about finding the right blog for you:

What do you write about?
Just about anything that has to do with your business and your business category. Start at the beginning - a history of your business, services you provide, new emloyees, awards you or your business has won and include a history of the award provider. The most important thing is to create information that is rich in keywords to assist you in appearing in search engine results. I also recommend adding a lot of pictures and artistic touches to your blog. Remember the 15 second rule when creating your blog. You only have 15 seconds to grab your readers attention online before they move to the next page!

By creating a blog you are increasing that chance that you will be found on an online search and by increasing these odds you are also increasing the chance that your information will be shared by a social networking site. You have the ability to share each blog post link on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. It's amazing how fast your followers will share the information you have provided.

Here are some great third-party development tools that you can use:

Still unsure if your business needs a blog?
I particularly like Chris Garrett's 13 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Once you've built your blog I strongly recommend you submit it to McAfee for review. McAfee SiteAdvisor is widely used by consumers as many times it comes standard with their operating system and/or computer manufacturer. SiteAdvisor marks websites with a check, x or question mark. If you don't already have SiteAdvisor I recommend using it.

To get McAfee SiteAdvisor click here:

For more information on the rating system click here:

To contact them for review of your website use this form:

Have any additional information, tips and tricks you would like to provide? Please feel free to leave your comments below...

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