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Interaction online is key to developing a strong relationship with current customers and attracting new customers online. It's understandable to feel overwhelmed by the immense competition that's on the internet between businesses nowadays. Larger businesses give no thought at spending high dollar amounts for an impressive website that attracts and interacts with customers.

Developer tools are the saving grace to any small business looking at making their websites better. Below are three of my favorites...

The Wibiya Bar

Imagine if you could have this little interactive bar at the bottom of your website that was always there to give your website visitors the most important links that they need. Introducing...

I almost feel as though this little wonder has been my saving grace. Look at the bottom of your screen...notice anything? The bar that hangs at the bottom of this page is powered by this wonderful little wonder called Wibiya. I will admit that I was extremely hesitant to place this bar on my website, however; this bar has been hanging out with me for over a year and I have had no issues.

There are so many options for this bar...and it's free! Contact Us form, quick navigation bar, translation, social networking link ins...there are so many options. It's as easy as installing the code onto your blog or individual website pages. Wibiya also provides you with a layout of statistics that can help you keep track of your online progress. 

Hint: I do recommend setting your bar to load after page load. This will help your page load faster...even though the bar doesn't create hardly any lag on newer more powerful systems, I always try to think of those older machines still prowling the internet.


Also a free service, ContactMe allows you to create a professional form that includes a link to your social networking sites. This is also something that I have been using for over a year. See that handy little button to your left that says "Contact Us"? Take some time to try it out. Just place "Test" in the message box. ContactMe has buttons that ride on the side of your web pages and blogs, hang out on the Wibyia bar,  the code to place right on your website, a button for Craigslist ads and even a dedicated page for your contact form. 

Here's mine:

Twitter News Feed Widget

I like the idea of having the ability to update my pages from my phone. Have an important news update that you want to tell people on your website right now? Pull up your Twitter app folks and...*it's magic*!....

Here's an example:

It is true to Twitter form..short, sweet and highly uncomplicated...copy & paste. 

All of these options are just a copy & paste away from your website.  

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