Posted by : Amanda Stein Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Below are three of my favorite business mobile productivity apps...


Even though there are several Document Scanning programs on the app markets, DocScan is unique in that it has a more complex image manipulation. It allows you to take an image from and angle and re-angle it to save as a PDF.  You can also save multipage PDF's and send them via e-mail. 


Invoice2go allows your to make great looking invoices for free and the ability to directly send them to clients. The interface is great and you can upload your own logo. Plus for convenience your information is stored along with your clients. 

Intuit GoPayment

Take credit cards on the go. Intuit sends you the free attachment shown above, slide your customer's credit card and have them sign the screen of your phone (I recommend purchasing a stylus from Ebay). Could it be any easier? Credit processing on the word - Awesome! 

You can also accept cards by typing them in for transactions that are not face-to-face. Funds are either automatically funded to your bank account or on a prepaid cards once funds have processed. It is likely that your will have to provide them information about your business once you have applied. Processing charges are competitive but are dependent on the amount of money you will be processing each month.

Visit their site for more information:

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