Posted by : Amanda Stein Saturday, May 12, 2012

Searching the web for new posts and articles about your business can be time consuming task and quite frankly a complete waste of your time! What if there was a way for you to be automatically alerted when there is new information about your business posted online?

Well, guess what? There is!

Introducing Topsy and Google Alerts


Topsy's main function on this alert part is primarily social web based. They state that "Topsy Labs, Inc. enables businesses around the globe to apply social intelligence to realtime decisioning." What's that mean for the small business owner? If you have a business name that is slightly unique - anytime and every time you post something on Facebook or Twitter you best believe that it will be on Topsy search just as it does for anyone else who mentions your name on a social networking site.

To get started just insert your business name in the search bar and select 'Create email Alert'.

**Your results will give you an idea if you need to change the search term to make it more specific. If you have a name like Dance Studio you are obviously going to have to use something like your web address. Will this make you miss alerts? Of course, but better to have some than none at all!**

Google Alerts

Google Alerts will take care of the other places online where your business may be listed. Any new submitted webpage with your search query with be sent to you via e-mail as a link.

Between both Google Alerts and Topsy you will have the best chance at keeping track of the people who list your information online - recommendations, reviews and even to prevent incorrect information that may be listed.

It is an essential part of online marketing to identify and correct information as soon as possible. These tools are a great free way to help you see this information sooner - I use these myself and strongly recommend them to any small business owner.

Please Note: Information provided is to assist smaller businesses in revamping their marketing efforts. It is my goal to help small business to succeed in the most cost-efficient ways possible. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below.

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