Posted by : Amanda Stein Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have a strong passion for marketing. It's the one thing that I have found that has never bored me and continues to cause me to wake up excited for each day. Now don't get me wrong - there are quite a few things that I do not enjoy and days I would rather dig a hole to bury my head in than deal with the workload I have for that day!

Marketing to me is about being the best. My definition for marketing is the process by which we identify, anticipate and satisfy customers requirements profitably. I have this definition posted beside my desk and I look at it every single time I develop a marketing plan for a business. I find these principles important.

As businesses grow and product classifications expand marketing professionals are responsible for monitoring changes and informing their businesses when it is appropriate to change. I'll use a fictitious example. A movie rental company had several locations across the country. As the dawn of online rental capabilities occurred the marketing professional working for this company realized that it was time to restructure the company to prevent loss in profit. Do you see where I am going with this?

A lot of marketing professionals believe that it is not their responsibility do anything additional than advertise. If they were doing the correct research for their advertising they would be the first to recognize the fact that there where changes coming. That's one of the greatest gifts about marketing for can see the coming changes far ahead of the average employee and owner of the business!

So why not adapt yourself into a marketing-minded professional today? Take your business to the next level and stay ahead of the curve while increasing revenue and profit. All this is achieved by research, advertising and dedication.

To successfully stay ahead of your competitors it is a great idea to frequently ask for your customer's feedback. Use this feedback to see the areas that your business can improve and design/develop techniques or products that satisfy your customer's need. Allow your business to change and adapt to factors in your community and the economy while staying true to the vision that you see for your company. If you can successfully satisfy your customer's wants and needs your customer base will grow and you will develop long-time loyal customers. Customers only choose other businesses and brands based on what their last experience left them without. Whether it is with cost, availability, ease-of-use...these are serious reasons that businesses can loss customers.

Make a goal to yourself to be the very best! Whether it is as a business owner, employee or marketing professional, 100% dedication to your business and your customers will keep you ahead of the curve and ready for coming changes in customer needs; therefore, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

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