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There are two key components to creating ads and articles about your business - design and wording. What does your current advertising materials say about you?

A common mistake that many make is to create an ad that is too vague. A good trick I've learned is to place the name of one of the company's competitors in place of the information in the ad. Does it still work? If it does it tells me that I have failed to create an ad that would attract consumers. The consumers usually already have an idea of the type of business you are - what makes you different from the rest? 

To make the most of your advertising you have to find a way to connect with your make them feel as though they can trust you. Start by sitting down and writing a letter to a close family member about why they should choose your company. (You don't need to mail this out!) The important part of this exercise is to take away the business formal way that we naturally use as a business professional and replace it with wording that reaches the consumers. By softening the 'voice' of your advertising you have the ability to better connect with your customer.

That brings me to my next point which is a matter of great debate and opinion. If you have ever taken writing classes we all know that there is great emphasis put on correct grammer and proper usage. Personally I believe that for advertising is that you speak to the consumer in the way that they would. The flow of your words allow the consumer to either easily understand and connect or create an atmosphere of misunderstanding. The consumer will not finish reading or find interest in an advertisement that is not easy for them to understand. 

How would you say the point you are trying to make out loud? As a person reads the words we write it is communicated to them in the same way as it would be to be spoken to him/her. If the flow of your writing sounds correct when you say it aloud, but is not technically grammatically correct; go with the writing the sounds correctly to you. It goes without saying, if your business targets consumers that would be highly offended by grammatical mistakes then don't allow there to be any.

Be sure to avoid overused language in your advertising. Things like "Ground-breaking", "World Class
" or "Cutting Edge". There are several resources online that give you an excellent breakdown or overused words in advertising. 

Here's an example:

Consumers are looking everyday for a business that can effectively meet all of their needs. Advertising is a small window that you have to hook a potential customer. It is important that you know the audience that you are working for and that your incorporate their wants and needs into every piece of advertising material that you make. 

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