Posted by : Amanda Stein Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Even businesses with the best customer service and excellent products and services receive negative reviews. A quick call to action by a business can greatly calm the waters in these situations. Below are some tips to help:

Customers want to be cared for and feel like their opinions  and thoughts matter. A consumer that posts a negative comment online feels as though the business they are writing about has failed him/her-that the interaction received did not live up his/her expectation.

One thing to keep in mind - almost every single negative review (for businesses in the service industry) could have been prevented by diminishing the customer's frustration prior to the end of the interaction with the customer. It is extremely important  that all employees at a small business are 'on-point' with customer service techniques. It is absolutely worth the extra cost of paying an employee for additional hours that add to their knowledge on customer service skills. Make sure that your employees can sense the signs of frustration and effectively decrease and alleviate the issue.

By showing that your business cares, you have the ability to develop a disgruntled customer into a customer for life. For example: You are restaurant owner. Here is the online review that someone has left for you on Trip Advisor:

"This was our first (and final) visit to Adona's Anna Steakhouse Restaurant. Upon entering we were greeted with pleasant decor and the restaurant looked clean. We waited awhile by the front door before we were acknowledged. When the 'greeter' finally acknowledged our presence she made no apology and made no attempt at making us feel welcome. Our waiter was nice, but slow on getting refills and gave me the wrong order-I spent the entire meal nibbling on the meal which I did not want. The waiter even stopped by and asked how the food was-I am shocked that he was unable to notice by my demeanor that I was extremely unhappy. I just feel this restaurant is just not ready to be taking customers."

What did you notice about this review? It had little to do with food quality or the restaurant. With many reviews left by customers there is a emphasis on the experience that they encountered with the employees. It is essential that business owners make it a point to encourage and even demand strong customer service skills. An employee with customer service skills will be able to tell when the customer is unhappy with their experience. In the above review it is obvious that the waiter could have prevented this review by recognizing the customer's unhappiness.

What would have happened if the waiter would have asked? Or if a supervisor would have asked how their experience was going? This additional interaction could have prevented the loss of this customer and the loss of the customers that this review will persuade.

When you are having a discussion with friends and the name of a business is mentioned will you share your bad experience? - Of course! Poor review prevention begins with you!!

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